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Grow your skills with empowering backcountry experiences

Join one of our introductory tours or directly or register to participate in any of the training programs below so you can :

  • Become a safe and competent rider by accessing the highest standard of training

  • Get hands-on experiences and meet future riding partners in one of our small groups

  • Join a training adapted to your lifestyle so you can maximize your time in the mountains

  • Fit your training to your budget and needs

Training Programs

Learn from home and maximize your time spent in the mountains!

We offer introductory backcountry and Avalanche Canada certified training programs with classroom components taught online.


Learn with professionals so you can become a better rider in the mountains.

Our specialty tours range from introduction to the backcountry to high alpine advanced tours. Each of these tours share the same goal though: safe turns in the best possible conditions.

How we do it

Our courses and tours follow the internationally acclaimed Avalanche Canada curriculum to deliver you the highest standards of safety and quality.


Backcountry touring is about sharing a meaningful experience with a small group of people you trust, relying on them for your safety and you ensuring theirs.

Our training programs and tours put this overarching principle at the top of the list so we can have fun, ride safely and build relationships.


No more talking and rambling by the instructor, it’s time for you to take the lead!

The way we teach and lead our programs and tours puts you behind the driving wheel so that you can directly utilize the content taught by assessing the interaction between the environmental conditions, the mountainous terrain and the people in your group.


We teach theoretical modules online during the week so that you can make best use of your time in the mountains.

Our programs are modular and taught in various locations, so you can adapt your training to your needs.

Book your backcountry adventure

Any questions regarding the details of our services or maybe you have a request for a custom tour or training?
Follow the links below to book your experience or send us a message via our contact form below.

Why we do it

We are a small team of passionate guides, riders and nature-lovers with extensive knowledge and experience in the Japanese mountains.

We believe anyone should have access to affordable and high-quality training to become a safer rider in the backcountry.

On every training program and every tour that we lead our mantra is the following :

  • Come out with a better understanding of the risks inherent to the backcountry and how to minimize the stress and maximize the pleasure

  • Increase your ability to select the best terrain ad snow on any given day

  • Increase your ability to transfer skills and knowledge to become an advocate for a safer approach to the backcountry

Avalanche and backcountry skills training

Register to join one of our trainings and unlock your gate to the backcountry. We currently offer a complete range of backcountry courses from beginner to advanced levels on the scheduled weeks below.
We also provide customized and private training programs upon request, please contact us for further details.

Each course can be taken independently however make sure you meet the requirements before joining a course.


  • Tue / Wed - AST1 online evening sessions from 19:00 to 21:00

  • Friday - Meeting from 19:30 to 20:30 for AST1

  • Saturday - AST1 field day

  • Sunday - Backcountry tour day

Session dates

  • Session 1: JAN 4-5 online, 8-9 Hakuba

  • Session 2a: JAN 12-13 online, 15-16 Nozawa Onsen

  • Session 2b: JAN 18-19 online, 22-23 Nozawa Onsen

  • Session 3: FEB 1-2 online, 5-6 Myoko

  • Session 4: FEB 8-9 online, 12-13 Hakuba

  • Session 5: FULL FEB 15-16 online, 19-20 Myoko

Avalanche Skills training 1
& Backcountry Experience

Tue,Wed - 2 evening sessions (19:00-21:00)
Friday - Pre-tour meeting (19:30-20:30)
Saturday - 1 field day
Sunday - 1 day of BC touring

Your key to becoming a reliable partner in the backcountry.
By the end of this course you will:

  • Know your touring gear and make an efficient use of it

  • Know your avalanche safety kit and have a first practice with it

  • Know how to efficiently transfer between downhill and uphill travel

  • Identify avalanche risk areas

  • Understand the basic structures of the snowpack

  • Know the steps required to plan and conduct a tour

  • Use the Avaluator as a risk mitigation aid

  • Understand the Avalanche Bulletin and define a hazard rating in regions where there is none

Who is it for : riders who had a first experience and want to do it the right way
Pre-requirements : previous experience riding ungroomed runs
Price : ¥35,000

Companion Rescue skills (CRS)

On demand - 1 field day

Master the skills to efficiently perform an avalanche rescue.

At the end of the day you will:

  • Properly prioritize and organize when involved in an avalanche rescue scenario

  • Quickly solve single & multiple burial transceiver searches

  • Practice close proximity & deep burial transceiver searching techniques

  • Have practiced with probing and shoveling to reach your maximum efficiency

  • Know more about safety equipment

Who is it for : anyone
Pre-requirements : AST 1 or similar
Price : ¥18,000

Advanced training

On demand - 1 field day

Build your confidence to become a future party leader, hone (or refresh) your avalanche safety and touring skills.

At the end of the day you will:

  • Efficiently plan and lead a tour

  • Understand the basics of avalanche forecasting

  • Practice the use of your transceiver, probe and shovel

  • Improve terrain reading and safe travel techniques

  • Perform a snow pit and a selection of snow tests

Who is it for : riders who go out regularly
Pre-requirements : AST 1
Price : ¥18,000

Looking for a more immersive riding experience in the backcountry?
Check out our backcountry tours page.

Backcountry Tours

Register to participate on one of our tours matching your level below and unlock your door to the backcountry.

Sharing with you the critical points behind the decision-making processes concerning terrain or adjustment to your gear is not infringing a trade secret, it is our commitment to keeping all of us safer and becoming more responsible people when we are in the mountains.

Directly check our availabilities online :

Rates (group of max. 5, contact us for larger groups) :

  • JPY 45'000 - Single payment

  • JPY 22'500 - 2 persons

  • JPY 15'000 - 3 persons

  • JPY 11'250 - 4 persons

  • JPY 9'000 - 5 persons

Looking for a more in-depth training program in avalanche safety?
Check out our training program page.


Complete your registration by settling the payment for your training program or guided tour.

AST 1+ and BC tour :
1 online theory, 1 field day, 1 BC tour

  • JPY 35'000 - 1 person

Private & custom guided tour
1 field day

  • JPY 45'000 - single payment

  • JPY 22'500 - 2 persons

  • JPY 15'000 - 3 persons

  • JPY 11'250 - 4 persons

  • JPY 9'000 - 5 persons

CRS and Advanced training
1 field day

  • JPY 18'000 - 1 person

Avalanche safety pack
A 25-30L pack containing a transceiver, a probe and a shovel.

  • JPY 4'500 - 1 pack x 1 day